Jeff Kollman

Born August 10, Toledo, Ohio,

Genres­ - Progressive Rock, Funk, Metal, Fusion


Jeff Kollman is an American guitarist born best known for his powerful

melodic electric guitar playing, fusing elements of jazz harmony into his hybrid

melodic hard rock / funk style.


Kollman is also the owner of Marmaduke Records. Jeff has 18 releases on the

label. Kollman's other groups include Cosmosquad, The Bombastic Meatbats

Mogg/Way, JKB (Jeff Kollman Band), The Sign Of 4, and Edwin Dare.


Other affiliated artists- Glenn Hughes, Sebastian Bach, U.F.O., Tizer, Bleeding Harp, Asia F.J.P., California Transit Authority.




1983 The Stain 'I Know The Scam' (Mystic Records)

1985 VXN 6 song ep (Marmaduke Records)

1987 VXN 'The Question' (Marmaduke Records)

1989 Jeff Kollman 'Schizoid' (Marmaduke Records­ Bandai)

1992 Edwin Dare 'The Unthinkable Deed' (Marmaduke Records)

1994 Edwin Dare 'Can't Break Me' ( Marmaduke Records)

1994 Jeff Kollman 'Into The Unknown" (Legato Records)

1994 Kevin Chown 'Fruedian Slip' (Legato Records)

1997 Donna Roth 'Like I Do' (Buzzworm Music)

1997 Cosmosquad (self titled) (Marmaduke Records)

1997 Edwin Dare 'My Time To Die' (Marmaduke)

1997 John West 'Permanent Mark' (Shrapnel Records)

1998 Mogg / Way 'Chocolate Box' (Shrapnel Records)

1999 Jeff Kollman 'Shedding Skin' (Marmaduke Records­

2001 Lao Tizer Golden Soul (Frathouse Records)

2001 Comsoquad ' Squadrophenia' (Marmaduke­ Big MF­ Mascot)

2001 Sign Of 4 'Dancin' With St Peter' (Track Records)

2002 Cosmosquad 'Live At The Baked Potato (Marmaduke)

2003 Glenn Hughes 'Songs In The Key Of Rock' (Shrapnel/ Frontiers)

2004 HTP 2 (Featuring Glenn Hughes & Joe Lynn Turner) (Shrapnel/Frontiers)

2004 JKB 'Beeding The Soul' (Marmaduke Records)

2005 Crumb Bros 'State Of Your Mind' (Marmaduke Records)

2006 Lao Tizer 'DIversify' (yse Records)

2006 Jeff Kollman 'Guitar Screams Live' (Marmaduke Records)

2006 Cosmosquad 'Acid Test' (Marmaduke/ Big M.F.­ Zain)

2007 Cosmosquad Lights , Camera , Squad!! DVD only release (Marmaduke /Sunset Records)

2009 Glenn Hughes 'Live At Wolverhampton' DVD release featuring Deep Purple and Trapeze music)

2009 Lao Tizer 'Passages' (Yse Records)

2008 Chad Smith's Bombastic Meatbats 'Meet The Meatbats' (Warrior/ Edel)

2010 Chad Smith's Bombastic Meatbats 'More Meat' (Warrior/ P­Vine)

2010 Tizer 'Live' (Yse Records)

2010 Jeff Kollman Band 'Empower Devour'

2011 Pervadelic 'Songs For Perv's' (Marmaduke)

2012 Jeff Kollman 'Silence In The Corridor'

2012 Chad Smith's Bombastic Meatbats 'Live Meat And Potatoes'

2012 Tizer ‘Downbeat

2013 Kevin Chown EP

2014 Mark Mikel 35th Anniversaary Concert DVD ‘

2014­ Jeff Kollman ‘Hills Of Granada'

2014 Asia FTP­ Recollections

2016 Jeff & Tommy Kollman 'Teen Metal Years'

2017 Comsmosquad 'The Morbid Tango’




1982 The Stain / Sounds Of Hollywood Compilation (Mystic Records)

1983 Return Of The Stegosaurus compilation with The Stain (Mystic Records)

1990 Burnin' Vol. one Compilation (Guitar Recording ­Guitar For The Practicing Musician)

1996 Merry Arizona II

2000 A Slave To The Power A Tribute To Iron Maiden (Meteor City Records)

2000 The Blues Tribute To Lynyrd Skynyrd (CMH Records)

2003 Warmth In The Wilderness' A Tribute to Jason Becker (Lion Music)




2003 Vitalij Kuprij Forward and Beyond (Lion Music)

2003 Rob Rock 'Eyes of Eternity' (Massacre)

2004 Jill Scott 'Golden'

2005 Shane Gaalaas 'Hinge' (Chump Face)

2005 Christopher Maloney 'The Terrors Of Intimacy' (Sunset Records)

2009 Miranda Lambert 'Cotton' Commercial The Fabric Of Our Lives

2010 Ray Riendeau 'Atmosphere's'

2011 Tommy Bolin Tribute

2013­ Raiding The Rock Vault sessions­ John Payne

2014 40th Anniversary Tribute to King Crimson

2015 Shane Gaalaas ‘Bitter Suites From The Red Room'

2015 Eikichi Yazawa Rock The Dome (Tokyo Dome DVD)

2017 Eikichi Yazawa Blue Ray DVD ‘Dreamer’ -Grand Hyatt Tokyo

2017 Eikichi Yazawa Blue Ray DVD ‘Butch’ Osaka Jo Hall




1998 TIZER to present

1998 BASS With Michael Schenker on the European G3 TOUR 1998

2003 JKB (Jeff Kollman Band) to present

2003 ­ 2010 GUITAR with Glenn Hughes

2006 GUITAR with Glenn Hughes

2007 ­2015 Chad Smith's Bombastic Meatbats

2007 GUITAR with Glenn Hughes


2011 to preset Casa Mendoza (Marco Mendoza)

2012 to the present Asia F.T.P.

2012 Kofi Bakers Cream Experience

2013 Mark Mikel

2014 Eikicki Yazawa

2015 Sebastian Bach (Skid Row)

2013 ­2014 California Transit Authority ­(Chicago) Danny Seraphine

201 to the present ­Eikicki Yazawa

2017 Alan Parsons Live Project


Jeff has written and placed over 200 songs in film and TV as well as countless

music written for hollywood movie trailers.




2008 'Crazy' ­ Played the role of 'Barry Galbraith'. Produced by Steve Vai and Ray Scherr

2008 Providence ­ Episode 'She's Having My Baby' Guitar / vocals




(All songs co-­written by Kollman) including Guitar  |  Bass  |  Vocal performances


Lords Of The Car Hoards  •  Monster And Mysteries In America  •  Rusted Development ­ (Theme song­ Discovery channel )

Good Morning America •  NFL films presents  •  Home Made Simple  •  Animal Planet  •  American Idol

Beyond Twisted  •  Dr G Medical Examiner  •  E True Hollywood Story  •  Without A Trace  •  Extra  •  America's’ Funniest Videos Overhaulin'  •  Happy Never After  •  I'd Kill For You  •  Games of Pawns  •  Alaska The Last Frontier

Clash Of The Ozarks  •  Alaskan Bush People  •  Kodiak  •  Game Of Stones  •  Sons of Guns  •  Days Of Our LIves   •  Reaper

  Mater fo Horror  •  Pick Me Up  •  MTV Cribs  •  Simpsons  •  TMZ •  Ultimate Iceman/Chuck Lydell  •  Fringe Scene Makers
(FOX)  So You Think You Can Dance  •  Walkability (Viewpoint Creative)




2007 SuperBowl ­ Garmin "Mapasaurus"  •  Dunkin Donuts­ "Fresh Coffee"

Djarium­ "Landboarding"  •  AT&T  •  Direct TV/­ NHL  •  Miller Lite ­ "Crowd" •  McDonalds

Mountain Dew (with hardcore punk band ­The Stain’)




The A Team* (20th Century Fox)   •  The Sorcerer’s Apprentice  •  Ice Age 3  •  Brother Bear 2  •  Fanboys  •  Poseidon  •  The Marine  See No Evil  •  Failure To Launch  •  Xmen 3  •  District 9  •  Resident Evil 3  •  We Are Marshall  •  Wedding Daze   •  The Mexican
8 Legged Freaks  •  Eight Below  •  Horton Hears A Who!  •  In Her Shoes  •  Fantastic Four  •  Street Kings 2

St. Trinians  •  Rebound  •  Slither  •  Sarah Connor & DollHouse  •  Toy Story 3  •  Underdog  •  What Happens In Vegas HV




Friends  •  Sex And The City  •  Bambi  •  Lion King  •  Rounders  •  The Ant Farm

The Death Of The Incredible Hulk  •  Utimate Fighter




Benchwarmers  •  The Omen  •  Garfield: A Tale of 2 Kittie  •  Ultimate Fighting Championship  •  Fox Team Choice Awards
Diary of A Whimpy Kid (20th Century Fox)  •  Clock Stoppers  •  Rounders  •  Mr. Deeds  •  Scooby Doo 2

The Lizzie Maguire Movie  •  Spy Kids 2  •  Standoff (Fox)


TV Underscore


The Guiding Light  •  CNN Headline News  •  TV Promos  •  24  •  So You Think You Can Dance  •  NFL on Fox  •  Getting Played

America's Most Wanted  •  Bernie Mac  •  Birthday Girl  •  CSI  •  The Closer  •  Medium  •  Memphis Beat  •  Big Bang Theory

Two And A Half Men  •  Ghost Whisperer  •  Good Guys  •   Human Target  •  Disney on Ice  •  People's Choice Awards

Mental  •  The Simpsons  •  That 70's Show  •  House  •  The Tudors (Showtime)


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