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JEFF KOLLMAN  has launched a promotional video for 'Superstring Theory', the advance single off his forthcoming solo album, 'East of Heaven'. 'East of Heaven' is Kollman's sixth instrumental studio album as a solo artist and his 22nd overall on the Marmaduke label. Initially made available as a Bandcamp exclusive.


The Album Single can be viewed at this location:

The Video can be viewed at this location:

Jeff Kollman's guitar playing and songwriting is featured on the Alan Parsons release 'The Secret’.

 The Album includes the ethereal Beatle-esque track 'Fly To Me'
co-written by Kollman with long time friend, collaborator and musical genius Mark Mikel. Kollman states "It was a dream come true for me to unite Mark’s unique lyric writing talent with the genius that is Alan Parsons”.


Who is Alan Parsons you ask? He is a 12 time Grammy nominated artist, producer and songwriter with a Grammy WIN in 2018. Alan’s professional career started in 69’ working on the Beatles ‘Abbey Road’ album. Parsons was  the engineer for Pink Floyd’s 'Dark Side Of The Moon’, with a countless string of hits as 'The Alan Parsons Project’.  Alan has enjoyed a successful career as a record producer that spans over 40 years.


Guitarist Jeff Kollman will join up with Alan Parsons Live Project for a world tour that starts January 31st, 2020.


      Look out for more shows in 2020 with Kollman's progressive metal band ‘Cosmosquad'. Jeff also with be hitting the road with the legendary British group ‘Asia' featuring John Payne, Foreigner's Lou Gramm and the 'Rock Pack’, including past performances by Legends such as Greg Rolie (Santana, Journey), Fee Waybill (The Tubes), Robin Zander (Cheap Trick), Steve Walsh (Kansas) and the aforementioned Lou Gramm

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Thanks for supporting live music & stay inspired friends!
cheers, Jeff

The Kollmanation Pedal Comes

With A Pissed Off Sound Too!


An All
Pedal Pause Alert !!!!

We have temporarily halted our pedals due to the pandemic and the political climate between the US and China.
It has been increasingly difficult to obtain parts at this time.
Please check back in June.

The signature tone of guitarist Jeff Kollman. We give you Kollmanation!! Bigger, fatter, and meaner overdrive. Hand wired with the best components. Check out this video of the Kollmanation - the Jeff Kollman Signature Dual Overdrive Guitar Pedal.

Solo Studio

Jeff Kollman

On Soundcloud.

‘Intrigue & Deceit’ from the 2014 release 'Hills Of Granada’ - Jeff Kollman. The solo acoustic release includes Jeff’s tribute to his brother Tommy Kollman ‘Eve Of Reflection’ and 'Brother To Brother' available in our online store.


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Guitar Screams Series 1


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Jeff Kollman-Vocals, guitar, Jono Brown-Drums from the 2011 J.K.B. release ‘Empower Devour'

Guitar features from various tunes written/performed by Jeff Kollman

Here's a tribute to the late great Gary Moore from the 2012 release 'Silence In The Corridor’.

My tribute to these icons. I wrote this the day Lemmy Died after hearing the news.
I was just listening to the master when I found out David Bowie had just passed away.”

The sound of the late Tommy Kollman lives on in this recording. From the 2nd solo instrumental release 'Into The Unknown'-Jeff Kollman 1995 Tommy Kollman-Drums, Kevin Chown-Bass. Recorded on Tascam 8 track 1/2 inch TAPE.

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